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Cloud-based Property Management System (Hotel Management System)

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Buddy is a Property Management System with practical solutions, designed to run your business online in ways which positively impacts your business. We mean ‘Practical’. The intuitive layout of the calendar, OTA management through ‘MyAllocator’, ease of navigating through your reservations, expense management or setting up your tax invoice are few features to be checked out. Buddy is best suited for small and medium-sized hotels, hostels, bed and breakfast, homestay, lodges and other accommodation facilities.


Revenue management has been simplified with the analytical dashboard and in-depth data insight through the reports. Data management has been specifically designed by the finance team who has years of practical experience running several properties to address those core challenges in understanding your business better and having a better view of the revenues and expenses.


We are compatible with Myallocator for your channel manager integration. Incoming bookings are automatically allocated to the respective rooms/beds. No more overbooking now. Cancellation and modification of the bookings have been simplified, whether it is originating from the OTA or is a manual change. Don’t forget to get our free trial to test it out. It is better and cleaner than what you have experienced already.


Our tax invoice system is simple to set up within a minute to suit any taxation structure of any country as required by the law. Taxes could be an absolute amount or based on percent. You can set it as price inclusive or exclusive. You also have an option to have a tax table (slab) set on a price range or days. It’s simpler to set it up than it sounds. Write us if you need help on


The dashboard has translated and quantified the typical qualitative information into accurate measurable insight to give that extra mile of guest experience that you always wanted. This will help you boost your revenues and amp up your power to provide better guest experience. And hey, we keep improving our technology to deliver better information to leverage your hard work.


Now you can relax from hours of work on inventory management and let ‘Buddy’ work for you. Allocation of rooms/beds and managing booking have never been more practical and simple. Well, we have experience running the properties just like you and we feel you. Having maximum visibility across OTAs is a key for larger conversion, hence fluid inventory management is core to the business.

Secured and traceable (Audit trail - user role and rights - chain of properties)

Buddy has combined three important traits for managing a property which has been a dream for property owners and managers. First, you have a comprehensive audit trail to look into any leakages of revenues or unforced/unauthorised modifications. Second, you can assign role and rights based on the personnel for their access rights. Third, you can manage multiple (chain) properties with a single access. Now, let's get you hooked up and we promise a customer support to make you happy.